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UFC Ebay Show Off – 3/29/2014 – Huge Lot of Over 60 Anderson Silva Base Cards – Part 2

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This is the second part from a week ago. Again, mainly base cards of one of the greatest of all time, Anderson Silva. It includes cards from 2012 and 2013 Finest and 2012 and 2013 Bloodlines collections. The surprise bonuses were the three parallel cards. I forgot that they were a part of this lot. I didn’t have many of these cards, so they will be nice additions to my Anderson Silva collection. When you combine the base cards and the inserts, it was definitely worth the $6 total.


UFC Ebay Show Off – 3/24/2014 – Huge Lot of Over 60 Anderson Silva Base Cards – Part 1

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I was really happy to get this lot on Ebay. This lot has most of the base cards of one of my top three favorites, Anderson Silva. It includes cards from 2010 Main Event, 2011 to 2012 Knockout and Moment of Truth. There so many cards, this is only part one. I wanted to adequately showoff the entire lot and decided I need two videos.

As I say in all my Anderson Silva videos, I can’t wait for him to heal up and come back strong.

Total price for the entire lot was a bank busting $6.

UFC Ebay Show Off – 3/19/2014 – Topps 2013 UFC Finest Anderson Silva Autograph Gear Relic and Parallel

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I’m still on my Anderson Silva collection spree. This is one of his latest cards from the 2013 Finest collection. An autograph gear relic combo and one of his parallels. Both are beautiful cards!

My only complaint is that as Silva signs more, his signature is becoming less elaborate. His early sigs were pretty and unique, but the new ones aren’t as nice. BUT, I still jumped on it!

Total price including shipping was $30.

UFC Ebay Show Off – 3/15/2014 – Topps 2010 Lot (Anderson Silva, Rich Franklin & Nate Quarry)

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When I saw this Ebay lot, I had to jump on it. The majority of these cards are from the Topps 2010 Main Event collection. It features Anderson “the Spider” Silva, Rich Franklin, and Nate Quarry. As I have mentioned before, Silva is one of my favorite fighters and the devastating victories over Franklin were amazing. In addition, the violent knockout by Franklin over Quarry is still in the main UFC highlight reel.

This lot also features a few relic autos from Jim Miller, Efrain Escudero, and Patrick Cote. On a side note for people shipping out cards, the way the package was sent needs improvement. Very little protection.

Total price for the lot was $27 including shipping.

UFC Ebay Show Off – 3/8/2014 – 2012 Topps Knockout Booklets (feat Anderson Silva & Forrest Griffin)

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This is one of my sweetest show offs to date. I bought two booklet cards. They are 2012 Topps Knockout Triple Threads Dual Combo Books and are gear relics. Both are out of 9. I absolutely love booklet cards. They are big, cool to look at and are an amazing insert.

First Book:
TUF WINNER – Forrest Griffin, Diego Sanchez, Michael Bisping, Ryan Bader, Jonathan Brockers, and Tony Ferguson (3/9)

Second Book:
Rousimar Palhares, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Anderson Silva, Yushin Okami, Brendan Schaub, Dan Miller (6/9)

Total price for both including shipping was $30.

Ebay Show Off – 2/26/2014 Anderson Silva & Jon Jones Round 5 UFC Figures

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I haven’t bought new Round 5 UFC figures in a long, long time. I saw a nice set on Ebay and had to have it. I am a huge fan of Jon Jones and Anderson Silva and thought they would be a nice addition to the collection. Only one Jon Jones has the UFC belt though.

Total price on Ebay including shipping was $40. Not the a bargain at that price, but worth it.