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UFC 179, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Jose Aldo vs Chad Mendes Full Fight Review

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Check out my recap and commentary of the Jose Aldo vs Chad Mendes fight. I also use this opportunity to show off my UFC cards and memorabilia for each fighter.

I’ve been waiting for this fight for a while since it could be when Mendes finally gets his revenge. Overall it was a great fight, probably in the top 10 for 2014.

The fight was back and forth for five rounds. Each fighter landing great shots, rocking their opponent. If I were a judge, I could almost see this fight being a split decision because it was that close. In the end, Aldo retained his belt and Mendes goes back to his eternal #1 ranked status. One of the bright spots of featherweight division is seeing Conor McGregor fight either one of them in the next year.