UFC Ebay Show Off – 4/16/15 – 2014 Topps Bloodlines Auto/Relic Lot – (ft Johny Hendricks & GSP)

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Another great UFC lot from ebay. Steal at $14 including shipping. I believe this is my first Hendricks autograph. I’m 99% sure he will be champ again, so I’m going to hang on to the card for a while. The GSP, Mitrione, Velasquez cards are sweet as well.


The background music was by Scu, and the track was Right Now. Check him out!


Product Review – 5/5/2014 – Ultra Pro – 9 Pocket Trading Card Pages – Platinum Series

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I’ve used these 9 pocket trading card pages for decades. They truly work best for displaying your cards and showing them off to your friends. Cards don’t belong in your box, but need to see the world!

The difference between Platinum and Silver series is quality of plastic. Most likely, the average person wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

I use them to display my nicer base cards, but they can hold relics. Up to about 80 pt thickness.

Average price is about $15 to $20 for a box of 100.

Email me if you have questions.

UFC Ebay Show Off – 3/15/2014 – Topps 2010 Lot (Anderson Silva, Rich Franklin & Nate Quarry)

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When I saw this Ebay lot, I had to jump on it. The majority of these cards are from the Topps 2010 Main Event collection. It features Anderson “the Spider” Silva, Rich Franklin, and Nate Quarry. As I have mentioned before, Silva is one of my favorite fighters and the devastating victories over Franklin were amazing. In addition, the violent knockout by Franklin over Quarry is still in the main UFC highlight reel.

This lot also features a few relic autos from Jim Miller, Efrain Escudero, and Patrick Cote. On a side note for people shipping out cards, the way the package was sent needs improvement. Very little protection.

Total price for the lot was $27 including shipping.