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My 1st Redemption – 4/19/2014 – 2013 Topps UFC Finest Dual Auto – Alistair Overeem and Pat Barry

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I’m really excited to showcase my first redemption card. It is a dual auto of Alistair Overeem and Pat Barry. The card came well packaged, protected, and is absolutely beautiful. I don’t have any Barry or Overeem autographs currently. I’m really happy to have this in my collection and sharing with the UFC fans.

On another note, I’m sad Pat Barry retired from the UFC. He brought it every fight and was truly entertaining. Overeem is currently injured with an elbow thing and many of my favorite fights have been Overeem getting knocked out!

Lastly, from the time I entered the redemption code to getting my card, it took about four months or so.


UFC Ebay Show Off – 3/29/2014 – Huge Lot of Over 60 Anderson Silva Base Cards – Part 2

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This is the second part from a week ago. Again, mainly base cards of one of the greatest of all time, Anderson Silva. It includes cards from 2012 and 2013 Finest and 2012 and 2013 Bloodlines collections. The surprise bonuses were the three parallel cards. I forgot that they were a part of this lot. I didn’t have many of these cards, so they will be nice additions to my Anderson Silva collection. When you combine the base cards and the inserts, it was definitely worth the $6 total.

UFC Ebay Show Off – 3/19/2014 – Topps 2013 UFC Finest Anderson Silva Autograph Gear Relic and Parallel

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I’m still on my Anderson Silva collection spree. This is one of his latest cards from the 2013 Finest collection. An autograph gear relic combo and one of his parallels. Both are beautiful cards!

My only complaint is that as Silva signs more, his signature is becoming less elaborate. His early sigs were pretty and unique, but the new ones aren’t as nice. BUT, I still jumped on it!

Total price including shipping was $30.