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Product Review – 5/5/2014 – Ultra Pro – 9 Pocket Trading Card Pages – Platinum Series

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I’ve used these 9 pocket trading card pages for decades. They truly work best for displaying your cards and showing them off to your friends. Cards don’t belong in your box, but need to see the world!

The difference between Platinum and Silver series is quality of plastic. Most likely, the average person wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

I use them to display my nicer base cards, but they can hold relics. Up to about 80 pt thickness.

Average price is about $15 to $20 for a box of 100.

Email me if you have questions.



Product Review – 5/3/2014 – Ultra Pro Team Bags – Resealable Sleeves

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In the sports card collecting world, team bags are one of the most overlooked necessities. I really enjoy the versatility of them because they can hold several cards or protect top loaders. The prices of top loaders are extremely expensive, typically $4 to $6 for a package of 10 to 25 thick top loaders. By putting a team bag around them, you prevent scratches and other damage.

They are also a must have for shipping. Team bags prevent cards from flying around and even falling out of the top loader.

A pack of 100 team bags typically go for $3 to $4, which is still expensive for what it is, but still another must have.

Feel free to ask me any questions.


Product Review – 4/23/2014 – Ultra Pro 3″ x 4″ Regular Sized Top Loaders

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Another simple but must have product for all sports card collectors. We are talking about regular sized hard plastic top loaders. These provide your cards the ultimate protection against anything that your cards could face.

Once a card is put into a standard sized sleeve (http://youtu.be/FFlb0r46mOk), slip them into one of these. They are great for shipping or just storing your more valuable cards. Similar to sleeves, they are are great for sports cards, magic the gathering, Yu-gi-oh and pokemon cards.

I do not recommend using these for relic cards, mat cards, triple threads, etc because they do not fit cleanly into these top loaders. Use thicker sleeves and larger top loaders.

Protect your cards and protect your investment.



Product Review – 4/21/2014 – Ultra Pro Standard Card Soft Sleeves / Penny Sleeves

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I have never seen a product review for penny sleeves, so I wanted to do one. These standard sleeves get overlooked, but they are essential for any new sports card collector. They are made for base cards or common cards. This includes sports cards, magic the gathering, Yu-gi-oh and pokemon cards.

Common cards typically have a 20 to 25 point thickness. Relic cards typically are thicker. I do not recommend using these for relic cards, mat cards, triple threads, etc because they do not fit cleanly into these sleeves. Use thicker sleeves for those like the 130 pt sleeves (http://youtu.be/viuZEAkhngo).

Protect your cards and protect your investment.

Here are some links to buy them online. You local baseball card shop should have them. They cost around $1 for pack of 100.



Product Review – 4/18/2014 – Ultra Pro 130 pt Thick Card Sleeves

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This is my first product review. We are reviewing Ultra Pro 130 pt Thick Card Sleeves. These are a must have for any baseball, football or sports card collector.

Nowadays, with companies producing all types of inserts, collectors need a wide variety of sleeves to protect their cards. The 130 pt card sleeves protect almost any type of thick insert card out there on the market. From triple threads, relic cards, thick autos, or anything else, these work!

I am a huge collector of UFC cards and these sleeves fit every card nicely. Feel free to email me if you have specific questions. I’m happy to help. See below for good prices (I have no affiliation to them) and for a sizing chart.


1 Regular Card = 20-25 Point
These sleeves could fit at least six cards in one.